OHHH MAN are we excited about this one! Talk about great food and incredible drinks. Inspired by traditional southern dishes, Southern goods takes rustic dishes and re-imagines them with a modern twist. The menu is constantly changing to adapt the freshest products and it's all served with good old southern hospitality. 

Did we mention it's on 19th St. in the Heights!? and there's live music!? Bring your napkins and your appetite this one will truly be a Heapin' Helpin'.


* 6 P.M. Heapin' Helpin'/ 7 P.M. The Painted Band/ 8 P.M. Heapin' Helpin' / 9 P.M. Llamas on the Loose. First time playing at Southern Goods but not our first time eating there......nor our last 


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